River Calder at Mirfield - Calder View to Steanard Lane

Warning no longer in force

This Flood Warning has been removed as river levels have now fallen below the flood risk threshold. However, the Lower Calder Flood Alert remains in force for the wider area, so flooding may still affect roads and low lying land. Scattered showers are forecast throughout Sunday, 17/03/2019, but we do not expect these to have any impact on river levels. We continue to monitor the situation from the Leeds Incident Room. Please plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded.

This information last updated 9:42am, Sunday 17th March.

Flood Warning Area Details

Mirfield including Calder View, Granny Lane and Steanard Lane

Region: North East

Counties covered: Kirklees

Watercourses covered: River Calder

Area covered by this alert location

The area bounded in blue on the map shows the area covered by flood alerts and warnings for River Calder at Mirfield - Calder View to Steanard Lane.

Icons on the map show nearby level monitoring stations. They are not necessarily related to this particular flood warning area.

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River Calder and its tributaries from Todmorden to Brighouse

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