Tidal River Avon at Pill and Shirehampton

Tidal River Avon between Shirehampton Park and the Avonmouth Bridge including Pill and Shirehampton

Flood Alert

This alert is issued for the high tide at Pill and Shirehampton around 9:40pm this evening, Friday 28 April 2017, and also around 10am tomorrow morning, Saturday 29 April 2017. The forecast high tide level for this evening's tide is 7.90mAOD. The forecast high tide level for tomorrow morning's tide is 7.74 mAOD. These tide times are in local time and refer to the high water time at Avonmouth. Wind direction is changeable and are forecast to be light to moderate. Properties in Watchhouse Lane, Pill may install their floodboards. Our flood gates at Pill will be closed. Tides peak today and we will be re-issuing this flood alert for the high tide on Saturday evening.

This information last updated 2017-04-28 13:15:00 (approximately 1 day ago)

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