River Sence in Leicestershire

Flood Alert

River levels are steady but high at the South Wigston river gauge after the heavy rainfall yesterday. However, the risk of flooding remains. We expect river levels to remain high this evening and into tomorrow, 16/10/19. Areas most at risk are low-lying agricultural land and roads including the farmland in Great Glen, Kilby Bridge, South Wigston and Blaby as well as the road at Crow Mills. Further rainfall is forecast over the next 24 hours. We are closely monitoring the situation. Please see the GOV.UK website for a 5 day flood forecast. This message will be updated tomorrow morning, 16/10/19, or as the situation changes.

This information last updated 4:45pm, Tuesday 15th October.

Flood Warning Area Details

River Sence and tributaries from Billesdon to the River Soar at Glen Parva

Region: Midlands

Counties covered: Leicestershire

Watercourses covered: River Sence

Area covered by this alert location

The area bounded in blue on the map shows the area covered by flood alerts and warnings for River Sence in Leicestershire.

Icons on the map show nearby level monitoring stations. They are not necessarily related to this particular flood warning area.

Other Nearby Flood Warning Locations

River Sence at Blaby and Glen Parva
River Sence at Blaby and Glen Parva including New Bridge and Welford Roads and riverside mills and works

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River Sence at Great Glen
River Sence at Great Glen including riverside farms and Oaks Road

No current or recent warnings.

Whetstone Brook at Whetstone
Whetstone Brook at Whetstone including areas around Dicken Bridge and Dog and Gun Lane

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River Soar at Aylestone
River Soar at Aylestone including properties on the riverside of Aylestone Road

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River Soar at Enderby
River Soar at Enderby including properties around the Jubilee Parkland and Narborough Bogs Nature Reserve

No current or recent warnings.

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