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River Levels

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October 2023

Fixed a bug which was preventing forecast and alert threshold levels from displaying properly on some locations. Also made some minor changes the list of flood warnings to make the page clearer when there are a lot of them.

We've finally got round to adding flood warnings in Scotland! Please be aware that this is still slightly experimental, as the system used by the Scottish Environmental protection Agency (SEPA) is entirely different to that used by the Environment Agency in England and Natural Resources Wales, so it's required entirely new code to handle it. So there may still be unexpected gotchas and bugs which need to be fixed.

July 2023

Twitter's decision to require a login in order to view even public tweets has, coincidentially, also broken their own embedded timeline widget. So we've removed that from the front page and replaced it with a built-in list of the most recent flood warning messages that go out to our social media followers.

You can still follow us on Twitter and Facebook by following the social media icons at the top of the page.

We will also look at extending our social media presence to other networks. In particular, once Threads has a suitable API we will look at posting to that.

January Update!

Following user feedback, we've reinstated a simple visual display of the current level on the location pages. It isn't the same dial gauge as before, because all the issues described earlier still apply - it was slow to load, and it it doesn't work for some locations. And it also doesn't work for some of the newer data that we've added to the site.

What we have now is a vertical level gauge showing the water level against a colour-coded scale. The colours match those on the level icon. So you can see at a glance where the current level is in relation to normal levels.

We've also added a radial gauge for the flow data, where we have it. The further round the dial, the greater the flow. This, too, is colour-coded for below normal, normal and above normal values, although this time it's in diffferent shades of blue rather than different colours.

January 2023

The site has been undergoing a lot of work over December and January, aiming to fix some of the issues that have been reported as well as add new functionality to the site. This is a list of the key changes.

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