River Levels

About the symbols used on this site

Watercourse Levels

The individual level pages, and pages showing lists of river levels (eg, by county or catchment) use these colours to indicate the current state of the river at that location.

Colour Rising Steady Falling Description
Red Water levels above flood warning level or above normal (where flood warnings are not available)
Orange Water levels above flood alert level
Green Water levels within normal bounds or not exceeding the alert level
Brown Water levels below normal

Please note: Orange levels will only be shown for locations covered by a flood warning area. They correspond to the level at which an orange "Flood Alert" will be issued. In locations not covered by flood warning areas, the colours will go straight from green to red when the level is higher than normal bounds. See the Flood Warnings page for more information on flood alert and warning symbols.

River Flow

Where flow data is available, the following symbols are shown:

Increasing Steady Decreasing

There are no "above normal" or "below normal" records for flow data, so all the icons are the same colour.

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