15 Dec 2018

Flood Alerts active!

River levels, flood warnings and flood forecasts

RiverLevels.UK is a full listing of all river level monitoring stations across England, Scotland and Wales, as well as flood alerts and flood risk forecasts from the Flood Forecasting Centre. Check river levels near you, watch out for flood warnings and make sure you stay safe on and around water!

Five Day Flood Risk Forecast

Minor flooding impacts are probable on Saturday over parts of the south and south-west England and south Wales. The overall flood risk is LOW.

Detailed Flood Risk Forecast

Flood Warning Summary

  • 601 No Concern
  • 643 No Concern
  • 1 Flood Alert
  • 782 No Concern
  • 569 No Concern
  • 873 No Concern
  • 565 No Concern
  • 6 Flood Alert
  • 355 No Concern

Current Flood Warnings

River Levels Snapshot

River Levels Map River Levels List

Highest current water levels

(by percentage above normal high)

  1. David Stoker Radial Gates, Essex: 30.53%
  2. Wymans Brook, Windyridge Road: 23.08%
  3. River Avon, Bristol, Ashton Vale: 19.22%
  4. Field Drain, Hayes Basin: 15.46%
  5. Clywedog, Bryntail: 9.63%
  6. River Cam, Gloucestershire, Cam: 8.31%
  7. East Wilder Brook, Ilfracombe Lambda: 5.21%
  8. Whaddon Brook, Cambridgeshire, Whaddon: 1.75%

Lowest current water levels

(by percentage below normal minimum)

  1. River Meon, East Meon: -99.85%
  2. Lymington, Meerut Road: -96.43%
  3. River Welland, Market Deeping: -94.74%
  4. River West Allen, Hindley Wrae Ford: -94.25%
  5. Alverthorpe Beck, Wakefield Henry Street Br: -87.50%
  6. River Loddon, Sindlesham Mill: -83.36%
  7. White Water Dyke, White Water Dyke: -83.33%
  8. West Glen River, Burton Coggles: -82.86%
  9. West Fen Catchwater Drain, Revesby: -81.72%
  10. Medway, Yalding Ds RL: -77.76%

Highest current water levels

(by absolute value above normal high)

  1. David Stoker Radial Gates, Essex: 0.29m
  2. River Avon, Bristol, Ashton Vale: 0.22m
  3. Field Drain, Hayes Basin: 0.15m
  4. Wymans Brook, Windyridge Road: 0.09m
  5. Clywedog, Bryntail: 0.07m
  6. River Cam, Gloucestershire, Cam: 0.07m
  7. East Wilder Brook, Ilfracombe Lambda: 0.02m

Lowest current water levels

(by absolute value below normal minimum)

  1. River Meon, East Meon: -103.81m
  2. Medway, Yalding Ds RL: -5.83m
  3. River Calder, West Yorkshire, Copley Bridge: -1.15m
  4. River Loddon, Sindlesham Mill: -0.99m
  5. River Severn, Sharpness: -0.80m
  6. River Tone, Bathpool Outfall River Tone: -0.75m
  7. Barbourne Brook, Perdiswell: -0.49m
  8. Costessey Mill Sluice, Norfolk: -0.34m
  9. Kilton Beck, Skinningrove: -0.34m
  10. Addlestone Bourne, Addlestone: -0.33m

Snapshot stats exclude seasonal streams (ie, those which are normally completely dry for at least part of the year), tidal locations and locations where insufficient recent data is available.

River and sea levels are checked regularly by a network of monitoring stations operated by the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. Flood warnings and flood alerts are published whenever flooding is expected. The Flood Forecasting Centre, a collaboration between the Environment Agency and the Met Office, provides a detailed five day flood forecast for England and Wales.

RiverLevels.UK is an independent website which draws together data from all of these sources to provide a unified river levels and flood warnings map as well as detailed information for each river level monitoring station and flood warning area.

RiverLevels.uk is an independent website. It is not associated with the Environment Agency or any other supplier of river level information.

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