Lower Tone and Parrett Moors

Flood alert

The River Tone level at Currymoor pumping station is 7.42 m and is currently stable but may rise later today after the forecast rainfall. Water will enter Currymoor reservoir via Hookbridge spillway whilst this level exceeds 7.45m. The drain level at Currymoor pumping station is 5.98m and is stable. Pumping will take place at Currymoor when the river levels allow. There is the possibility of showers, heavy at times, for the rest of Saturday with dry weather returning for Sunday and into next week. Flooding of low-lying land continues and there is the risk of some flooding to roads later today and Sunday but property flooding is not expected. This message will be updated by 12:00 on Sunday, 27/11/2022, or as the situation changes. We will continue to monitor the situation and our incident response staff will be checking flood defences and clearing weed screens. Please avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers which may be flooded.

Information supplied by the Environment Agency

This information last updated 1:47pm, Saturday 26th November.

Flood Warning Area Details

Lower Rivers Tone and Parrett including West Moor, Hay Moor, Curry Moor, Stan Moor, Salt Moor and North Moor

Counties covered: Somerset

Watercourses covered: River Tone, River Parrett

Area covered by this alert location

The area bounded in blue on the map shows the area covered by flood alerts and warnings for Lower Tone and Parrett Moors.

Icons on the map show nearby level monitoring stations. They are not necessarily related to this particular flood warning area.

Note: the area shown on the map is the area covered by flood alerts and warnings. It is not a live map of current flooding. The area covered broadly equates to the area where the risk of flooding in any year is greater than 1% (the "hundred year" flood risk).

Other Nearby Flood Warning Locations

Curry Moor and Hay Moor
West Moor, Hay Moor and Curry Moor including New Road between North Curry and the A361, and Cutts Road at East Lyng

No current or recent warnings.

A361 East Lyng to Burrowbridge
A361 between East Lyng and Burrowbridge including the Somerset Levels Basket and Craft Centre area

No current or recent warnings.

Salt Moor and North Moor including Moorland
Salt Moor and North Moor including East Lyng, Burrowbridge, West Yeo, Moorland and Fordgate

No current or recent warnings.

Stan Moor including Curload and Athelney
Stan Moor including Curload, Athelney and properties along Stanmoor Road

No current or recent warnings.

Tidal River Parrett at Bridgwater, Moorland, Burrowbridge and Stathe
Bridgwater to Langport to the south including Stathe, Burrowbridge, Athelney, Moorland, Middlezoy and Westonzoyland

No current or recent warnings.

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